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Did you know Microsoft does not backup or recover your lost data?

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Did you know Microsoft does not backup or recover your lost data?

Lost data isn’t always sitting pretty in the cloud. Have you ever been stuck after losing a file with no means to recover it? These situations always seem to arise at the worst of times, leaving you in a panic and not focused on your initial task. Unfortunately, Microsoft does not recover lost data of your files. Usually, after situations like these, we try to find solutions to prevent them from occurring again. If Microsoft can’t recover my lost data, who can?

Your data is protected shouldn’t be a worry

Your data is protected shouldn’t be a worry; instead, you should feel the assurance that your files will not be lost or have the incapability of being recovered. While we have entered an era of remote working and cloud computing services, it is more important than ever to have the ability to trust the location of your data and files. If your business uses Microsoft, the peace of mind of having optimal security and file recovery is essential to run both your team and daily functions and conduct business. While most of us trust our files to the cloud, it is vital to ensure that they stay accessible when you need them. A practical solution to keeping your files backed up and safe is to have data and disaster recovery managed services.

Cloud-based disaster recovery services offer many benefits

Cloud-based disaster recovery services offer many benefits, including preventing your network from threats such as hacking, malware, errors and environmental outages. By preventing these potential threats, you can save your business from hackers and remain focused on your team and tasks’ productivity.

So, what are the best practices to maintain business continuity?

The first step is to consider outsourcing your IT. Small to medium-sized businesses are overall at a higher risk of threats. By outsourcing IT and managed security solutions, you save costs on staff and not compromise your business’s data and safety. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) monitor, strategize and implement solutions to manage and back up and secure all aspects of your business. When you rely entirely on programs such as Microsoft, it is essential to have the resources available for when your network goes down or you are exposed to specific threats, as mentioned above.

Managed IT Services Providers do have your back

MSP’s will align your business with services and tools that provide you with various security solutions, from Microsoft backups to optimal storage and threat prevention. The age of your equipment, stable network is all factors that can prove to be risks to your business. Unfortunately, lost data is almost inevitable to avoid without the proper practices set into place. Data is constantly travelling, creating vulnerability to your data and files. The overall costs saved by securing all your data should be a top priority for your business practices.

SaaS does not have your back | Data Protection Responsibilities - Managed IT Services

Cloud disaster risks

What are some of the risks associated with encountering cloud disasters?

Before brainstorming solutions, it is always important to identify any potential pain points of your business. Loss of revenue is a critical consideration in maintaining the health of your company and business continuity. Missed deadlines and lost sales could jeopardize the reputation and functionality of your business. Workplace protection is more significant than ever and below are some services that could benefit both your business and clients moving forward.

This past year has caused a shift in the lives of how we conduct business. Threats have been increasingly on the rise due to networks not being protected and individuals unaware of the potential dangers while working remotely. Antivirus software services are a protective measure, but businesses often forget that someone should conduct security measures for all aspects of your business across all services and platforms used. Easy-to-operate services make it manageable to work remotely and efficiently without the risks of losing data.

Some terms

Some terms to become familiar with to protect your business:

• DRS: Data Retrieval and Storage.
Knowing that programs such as Microsoft are unable to recover lost data, it is a matter of “when” data loss will occur. Recovery services and DRS are essential for backups to prevent and prevail when data recovery is needed.

• DRaaS: Disaster Recovery as a Service.
Especially in the cloud, DRaaS is a valuable function to recover lost data and files. Teknertia can implement this seamlessly to recover and get your business back running with little lost time.

Consider all threats

When working with programs like Microsoft, it is essential to consider all the threats that can arise at any time. When even Microsoft itself is susceptible to outages, it makes it all the right reason to make sure you and your business are secured. If you use Teams, SharePoint, One Drive, and Mail to collaborate with your team, it is necessary to back up your files and data. At last, you can sit comfortably in the cloud, securely!


With the right IT service provider and managed services, you will know that your business operations are monitored and safe. Whether you are growing your business or maintaining current workflows, data security is always at the forefront of your ongoing success and business growth.

Want to feel safe about your Microsoft data?

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