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Microsoft Viva – Revolutionizing Employee Experiences and Productivity in the Workplace

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Microsoft Viva – Revolutionizing Employee Experiences and Productivity in the Workplace

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Overview of Microsoft Viva

This year has brought upon us all a shift in our everyday work environments. With remote working becoming increasingly more common, one topic of interest has come to the forefront of how we work: employee well-being. Burnout, stress, and anxiety all have an impact on employee productivity. As we are becoming more mindful of our well-being, the practices we implement are essential within our routines, especially our professional ones. Microsoft Viva launched in 2021 to focuses on Employee Experience to promote culture, connection, productivity, and growth. In addition, the professional world is pivoting towards an increase in remote and hybrid work environments. Therefore, it is critical to adapt and differentiate our work environment from home – Microsoft Viva does just that!

Transforming work productivity starts by putting the employee of the organization first. To have a productive team is to have an empowered team. All these factors revolve around the overall Employee Experience, categorized into six elements:

  • Well-being
  • Connection
  • Focus
  • Empowerment
  • Growth
  • Purpose

Employee experiences are both attainable and manageable, regardless of your office location. Empowering leaders can motivate and educate their teams from any location, more commonly within the cloud or hybrid environments with today’s shift in technology. The more we learn and understand employee productivity, the better we can be connected and unified. Microsoft Viva focuses not only on employee well-being but the insights of employees, putting the people of the organization at the centre.

Microsoft Viva, used within the Teams program, revolves around the six elements of Employee Experience to establish an innovative platform for all levels and members of the business. With the ability to integrate into users existing systems and programs, Viva is modernizing workplace functionality. The following highlights the features of Microsoft Viva and how to use them to emerge employee experiences within hybrid workplaces!

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Viva Connections:

Viva Connections is a system of experiences to enhance culture and communication within your business and organization. Viva connections are personalized to each user and provide conversations, news, scheduling and more through programs such as Teams, Sharepoint, Azure and Yammer.

Deployed through your Microsoft Teams app, Connections think of it as an intranet portal to deliver updates within your business and connect employees. The Viva Connections tool integrates to deliver critical information and updates to all levels and members of your organization. Staying engaged while focusing on strategic tasks motivates team members while engaging and remaining consistent with collaborative resources, information and tools available.

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Viva Insights:

Viva Insights shows value around productivity and personal well-being; Viva Insights curate’s workplace analytics and data that measure employee performance. Members of management can assess the Insight analytics to seek out specific areas in teams within the business and how they perform compared to previous weeks and months. In addition, Viva Insights expands on the well-being of its users by integrating features such as virtual commute and meditation to ensure employees can wind down and wrap up the workday.

Workplace analytics found on Viva dashboards allows admins to organize data and measure user and customer collaboration. Use this data as a powerful tool to promote employee engagement and optimize coaching and relationships between employees and managers.

Creating value through our day-to-day actions impact business outcomes and success. Insights provide users with information sharing, meeting preparation, business process and decision-making protocols and strategy developments to improve CRM and executions of company goals and tactics. Creating better work habits help employees to stay organized and to manage a be better work balance and overall habits. Assess these habits to provide more excellent value to businesses and to address areas of achievement or concern within the organization.

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Viva Topics:

Viva Topics integrates the power of AI within your workflows. One way to look at topics is to find all the information you need to know within your organization in one place. Viva Topics create and adapt the generated data to develop custom topic pages as knowledge through AI. Expand these topics to provide various information to users, such as Definitions, suggested content, related topics and connections with Microsoft Content Experts.

Easy access to content through Viva Topics means less time spent looking for information. All information within Viva Topics links to your Microsoft Apps, where they are accordingly tagged and organized by AI-generated topic pages. With built-in security measures, content availability has never been more accessible to you or members of your organization and team.

With topic identification and definition extraction, Viva Topics delivers relevant information to members of your organization you measure through quality scores and impressions. Deliver vital information that matters to your team and stay on track with what grabs the attention and awareness of members of your organization.

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Viva Learning:

Viva Learning shares and assigns content to your team members to empower learning and growth throughout your business. Pin learning tabs within your Microsoft Teams application to share learning resources from within the organization itself or through third-party resources. Managers can assign courses of employees to complete, all accessible from one place. A successful team is continuously evolving and learning; Microsoft Viva allows managers to track the pace of learning and courses completed by users.

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Shifting to a hybrid work environment is an adjustment from the everyday office norm. With programs such as Microsoft Viva available, employees can collaborate, learn, and achieve a progressive workplace culture and balance. In addition, integrating Viva into your workplace provides employees with a new set of tools and resources to maintain workplace productivity.Viva Hybrid work-Managed IT Services Calgary Teknertia

Transform your workplace environment and help empower both your employees and the organization. To learn more about implementing Microsoft Viva into your hybrid work environment, contact us today.

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