Technologies used

  • SharePoint Online
  • Custom webparts
  • Power Automate
  • Azure Runbooks
  • Azure B2B

It’s been a truly positive experience working with the team at Teknertia. Right from the start, they worked hard to understand our business needs and expectations for the Intranet and SharePoint sites and set about ensuring they gathered the requirements accurately, then produced appropriate solutions for the users.

SharePoint enables us to share documentation with other stakeholders across the organization and increases collaboration in real time.

June DimentMarketing Director - Mayfair Diagnostics

Mayfair Diagnostics

Owned and operated by a group of more 60 practicing radiologists, and employing over 400 healthcare professionals, Mayfair provides community-based diagnostic imaging services in Alberta and Saskatchewan. They also provide 24/7 reporting for health regions, hospitals, and clinics in the Yukon and the Northwest Territories.

Their focus is to provide more people across Canada access to state of the art diagnostic imaging technologies, fellowship trained subspecialty radiologists, and exceptional patient care.

What were the business challenges?

Our organization has grown very fast. Information and key documentation was stored across our organization in lots of different electronic filing cabinets with many different users. There was no organized and published process for storing, editing and accessing company documents. Employees would not always know which document was the latest and who was the owner. There was no central repository for key policy documents or emergency related documents and processes.

At the same time we relied on email for documentation sharing and email or print for internal communication. As we grew, these aspects of our organization were inefficient, they increased risk, and we could not maximize our operational efficiency.

What were the results you achieved with Teknertia’s help?

With Teknertia’s expertise, we’ve been able to launch ‘Mayfair Connect’, our company Intranet that provides a one-stop shop for all key latest, approved documents that all employees need to be able to access in one place-e.g. HR forms, employee benefits information, policies and procedures, quick links to important portals, company calendars, etc. It’s also the one source of all of Mayfair’s company news, project updates and events as well as employee social news and events. More importantly, it’s accessible on desktop, tablet and mobile format, since many clinic employees do not operate their roles in a desktop environment. The Intranet site has been developed in a SharePoint format, with a very attractive, easy to navigate and corporately branded front-end.

 At the same time, Teknertia has developed customized SharePoint Team sites for every Administration department and the Contact Center at Mayfair. They are about to kick off development of clinic team sites for every one of the 16 clinics we operate too.

Tell us how SharePoint, has helped with your teamwork and collaboration?

SharePoint sites enable us to share documentation with other stakeholders across the organization, increase collaboration in real time in updating content, view who made those changes and when and everyone can view the final versions immediately. It also supports version control and key contract deadlines are more easily managed. SharePoint also provides document security and privacy compliance.  Each site has been built and customized by Teknertia to the needs of the team’s users, enabling users to have their libraries of documents set up in the most user-friendly and intuitive way. Overall, SharePoint ensures workflow efficiency is optimized.

What are the benefits you are seeing with your new Intranet, how has it helped?

 The Intranet enables Mayfair to have one central source (or Hub) of all major company information available 24/7 when the user links to their browser. It is easy to access current and previous company announcements, video content and keep up to date with anything an employee may need to know. All company procedures, policies, protocols, HR info, clinic info, etc. can be viewed from one home page on an Intranet that looks like any modern website. We can push out electronic newsletters to employees with links to stories located on the Intranet. This reduces the volume of emails that land on employees and increases our operational efficiency.

Talk about your overall experience with the Teknertia team?  

It’s been a truly positive experience working with the team at Teknertia. Right from the start, they worked hard to understand our business needs and expectations for the Intranet and SharePoint sites and set about ensuring they gathered the requirements accurately, then produced appropriate solutions for the users. This was important due to the need to support the unique needs of both clinical and non-clinical roles. They had a sound process and timing plan for the development and QA testing cycles and launch plans for each project. The project management has been excellent all the way through the project. Just as important, they have been very responsive in providing ongoing support and development as we all became more familiar with the potential of our new technology.

Check out some of the custom value add provided

Personalized experience

By leveraging Microsoft Search and a custom solution, personal site templates were created based off the need of a particular discipline, allowing users to have their content presented to them in a meaningful and relevant manner. It enables users to get work done and have policies and procedures at their fingertips rather than looking for them when needed. This is especially useful for doctors where multiple supporting departments are sharing documents with the doctors.

Physician renewal process automation

To help streamline individual physician license renewals, a custom action was created using the SPFx framework. The custom action leverages pdf-lib to automatically fill out form-fillable pdf renewal forms with basic individual physician information such as name, address, phone number, etc. This allows the physicians to fill out fewer fields to complete a renewal. As these renewal forms do tend to change year-to-year, the mapping for automatically filled out fields can also be easily updated to handle a new pdf form.

Self-serve site provisioning

Through the power of Azure Runbooks, Power Automate and a custom web part solution, end users can create project, departmental sites and external sites with the click of a button. This brings the benefit of standardization for sites and empowers site owners without IT dependency.

Content services

By defining and building the Corporate and Functional Information Architecture and Taxonomy, content was not just moved from file shares to SharePoint in a lift and shift manner to create an ECM system. With the help of the project team resources, proper categorization, classifications and content types were established. This enables users to collaborate, discover and work effectively among teams by using the same standards and procedures across the Organization.

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