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Little is more disheartening than having worked on a project to near completion only to have it ripped from your grasp by an IT disaster. And there is little that is more frustrating than trying to get a project completed with buggy or underpowered IT assets.

Our team works with architectural firms like yours to help prevent data loss, maintain a high level of IT functionality, and manage a robust cybersecurity perimeter around your workflow.

The Problems We Solve for You

Lack of internal IT resources

Uncertainty regarding cybersecurity posture

Frustrations with recurring IT issues

Deficit of expertise for digital transformation objectives

I would like more information about Managed IT and Security for Architecture Firms

Here's How We Do It: The IT Management Model

Our IT support model is proactive and comprehensive. That means that your firm's computers, mobile
devices, and cloud assets are continuously maintained for peak performance and monitored for any
red-flag anomalies.

Each of our IT service engagements with an architectural firm is tailored to the specific needs of that

Our team's IT services are wrapped into a fixed monthly payment structure, giving you IT support
expense predictability and easy budgeting.

The Strategy We Employ to Keep Your IT Systems Running at Peak Efficiency

Answers to day-to-day questions

Responsive IT support for troubleshooting needs

Data backup and disaster recovery to protect from data loss and ransomware

Mobile device management to secure and synchronize work done remotely

Consulting to align IT capability and cost with your firm’s objectives

Proactive, comprehensive IT management to keep your systems optimized

Enterprise-grade cybersecurity management and incident response to keep your data secure
and available

Business continuity strategy and management to help you recover from IT disaster

How Managed IT Services Benefit Your Architectural Firm's Operations

Minimization of expensive downtime

Access to a wide range of IT specialties as needed

Mitigation of cybersecurity risk

Simple, predictable scaling of IT services-up or down-with your operational requirements

Provisioning and securing mobile and work-from-home capabilities

Get Started with Managed IT and Security for Architecture Firms

Make work from home device deployment, BYOD, monitoring, patching and security worries go away.

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