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Reduced risks

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Flexibility agility

Why trust
Windows Virtual Desktop?

Microsoft invests more than
$1 billion annually on cybersecurity
research and development.

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Why choose

Windows Virtual Desktop?

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Platform of your choice

Connect from any device of your choice
(Windows, MacOS/iOS, HTML5, Android,

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Windows differentiation

Like-local Windows experience extensive
support for devices

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Enhanced protocol

Support for Windows Hello for Business
Dynamically adapting bandwidth utilization

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Containerized User Profiles

Containerized User Profiles (FSLogix) with
fast VHD load times

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Native O365 performance

Uncompromised O365 email and calendar
Real-time Outlook search
Persistent and non-persistent environments

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Teams enhancements

Best conferencing and media experience
with multimedia redirection capability
and high-performance, low latency
audio and video calling

Azure Windows Virtual Desktop

Quickly scale virtual desktops and migrate to the cloud. Saving money and increasing flexibility.

Not only will a virtualized desktop environment enable users, it can also…

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Introduction to Windows Virtual Desktop

We knew in advance of our move to being fully independent as a Portfolio Management firm in March 2020, that we needed the best cloud solution for business continuity, remote work, collaboration, workflows, and most importantly, security. We are happy with our decision to implement SharePoint into our business and the ongoing IT services of Teknertia who continue to stay at the forefront of the every changing IT landscape.

Steve NielsonPortfolio Manager - Milestone Wealth Management Ltd.

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