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Many companies are not using the correct licensing for their needs. Why aren't they?

They don't know. It's that simple. Most will choose Office 365 E3s as their default.

Office 365 E3 is a great license SKU. But many features are missing that you could get with Microsoft 365 Business Premium for roughly the same price.

Yes, you can only have 300 seats of Business Premium per tenant, but you can mix and match.

Microsoft 365 licensing can be complicated. How do you get the correct licenses? How do you ensure you are not buying one license with most if not all the same applications as another? Are you using all the licenses you are paying for now? The answer? It isn't easy.

Let our experts help benefit your business to meet your licensing needs by ensuring you have the right programs and support to succeed with more money in your pockets!

We are an authorized reseller of Microsoft Cloud

While our customers see the most benefit from our Teknertia 365 Managed IT services, we have many customers happy to buy their licenses from us. Our customers can ask questions on licensing at any time. They can enjoy the same price Microsoft offers for yearly sign-ups but at a monthly commitment, allowing them to switch their license at any time without being locked in.

Billing details

Billing Cycle

28th-27th of the month

Invoice Schedule

6th of the month

Credit Cards

All major credits cards accepted - automatically charged on your invoice date

Pro-Rated Billing Example

Licenses switched over on July 15th. Invoice created and sent on August 1 for July 15th to July 27th usage.

Teknertia is a trusted Microsoft Gold Partner in several competencies and charter member of the Microsoft Content Services Program. Our experts have over 20yrs experience in IT.

Switching is easy and seamless with our pro-rated billing and no downtime.

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