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Transform Workplace Capability


Automatically recognize content and information with the power of AI

SharePoint Syntex Content Understanding Icon

Content Understanding

Work alongside the cloud to read, recognize and process information.

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Content Processing

Categorize content, automate, and generate insights and tags for recognized information while tracking and delivering analytics.

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Content Compliance

Innovative AI technology connects, organizes and configures your files and data, securely.

Create document libraries to automatically generate data, content compatible on any device.

Microsoft’s machine learning extracts information, extracts information and cateogrizes for all aspects of your business.

Improve efficiency and effectiveness while maintaining and enhancing collaboration within your team and workplace.

As a Microsoft Content Services Partner Program Charter Member.

We are trusted by Microsoft to help you implement SharePoint Syntex and Viva topics.

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SharePoint Syntex. Why tag content when AI can do it for you.

Each site has been built and customized by Teknertia to the needs of the team’s users, enabling users to have their libraries of documents set up in the most user-friendly and intuitive way. Overall, SharePoint ensures workflow efficiency is optimized.

June DimentMarketing Director - Mayfair Diagnostics

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