Microsoft Defender For Endpoint
Secures Your Business From Attacks Before They Happen

What is Advanced Threat Protection?

Threat and Vulnerability Management

Prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities that arise within your organization in real time. Manage exposure scores and ensure you stay secure.

Next-Generation Protection

Cloud and antivirus protection scans and blocks any potential threats using machine learning and AI.

Attack Surface Reduction

Automatic reporting of potential threats to monitor your devices. Manage apps and documents to access trusted content within your organization and team.

Endpoint Detection and Response

Monitor your network to incoming threats. Understand and identify the causes of attacks and respond quickly.

Automated Investigation and Remediation

Resolve cyber threats through AI automated alerts and detailed data.

Microsoft Threat Experts

Professional analyzing and monitoring for all your devices and industry learning protection.

Microsoft Defender for Office 365 Integrates With Your Microsoft Programs

Deliver customizable protection settings to keep your company’s infrastructure safe and secure and up to date

Microsoft Defender for Office 365 Graph



Prevent a wide variety of volume-based and targeted attacks including business email compromise, credential phishing, ransomware, and advanced malware with the help of a robust filtering stack.


Detect malicious and suspicious content and correlate attack patterns to identify campaigns designed to evade protection—all using industry-leading AI.

Investigation and Hunting

Track attacks across Office 365 with advanced hunting capabilities that help identify, prioritize, and investigate threats.

Response and Remediation

Amplify your security team’s effectiveness and efficiency with extensive incident response and automation capabilities.

Awareness and Training

Build user awareness with rich simulation and training capabilities along with integrated experiences within client apps.

Secure Posture

Use recommended templates and configuration insights to help your organization get and stay secure.

Why We Protect Our Customers With Microsoft Defender

6.5 T

6.5+ trillion signals analyzed daily. Every day threat signals are analyzed worldwide to provide dynamic protection against global threats


97% of attacks are remediated. Most attacks are automatically remediated on endpoints


90% reduction in alert fatigue. By suppressing false alarms, alert fatigue is drastically reduced


13 billion malicious e-mails blocked out of which more than 1 billion were URL-based phishing threats

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