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Unlock your organization's potential with Oneteam Managed and Co-Managed IT services by Teknertia. Embrace cloud solutions and tailored IT support to overcome workplace inertia.

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Headquartered in Calgary, we help Canadian and US businesses to migrate to the Cloud, improve collaboration via Microsoft Teams and Business Voice, enhance information management with SharePoint and protect them with advanced technologies, such as Azure Sentinel, Microsoft Defender, and Cloud App Security. We partner up with the best in IT solutions development to bring you the service you can trust.

We provide Fully Managed and Co-Managed IT Services for SMB’s and Enterprise customers

Easily accessible local support, modern device management and advanced threat protection – our Managed Services minimize business disruptions, allow you to conduct your business securely anywhere and anytime, and enhance collaboration and communication with Microsoft 365.

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We are a Microsoft Gold Partner

Only the top 1% of Microsoft Partners are Certified as Gold Partners . As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we bring a specialized skill set in implementing Microsoft solutions with the highest proficiency and experience. We are always on top of the changes in technologies and know how to leverage them to help your business succeed.

Microsoft Expertise
you can trust

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  • Multiple Gold Competencies
  • 20+ Microsoft Certifications
  • On staff Microsoft Certified Trainer

An IT Provider That Can Understand Your Business Needs and Deliver the Right Cloud Solution That Supports Your People, Operations and Growth

Adapting to the ever-changing environment and keeping up with an even faster changing technology and security threats can be a handful. We are here with you every step of the way.

Fully Managed IT Services

Teknertia Managed Services are easily accessible and local. We have service plans for small and medium-size businesses, enterprises, and frontline organizations. Teknertia Managed Services minimize business disruptions and allow you to conduct your business securely anywhere and anytime.

  Find peace of mind with our Fully managed IT Services

Co-Managed IT Services

We work alongside your IT department to take care of day-to-day management, freeing your team up to handle end-user issues and pro-growth projects.

  Leverage our tools with our Co-Managed IT Services

Azure Virtual Desktop

Teknertia specializes in cloud and virtual desktop solutions. With Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop, you can run your business anywhere, on any device, while experiencing advanced security and enhanced performance. It provides dynamically adapting bandwidth utilization and excellent conferencing and media experience.

  Run your most complex business processes on Azure Virtual Desktop

Security and Threat Protection

Teknertia’s security solutions prevent a wide variety of volume-based and targeted attacks including business email compromise, credential phishing, ransomware, and advanced malware. We build threat awareness with rich simulation and user training capabilities.

  Defend yourself with Security and Threat Protection


As workplaces transition to a hybrid model, Teknertia’s Microsoft Certified Experts help businesses migrate their on-premises SharePoint to SharePoint Online or SharePoint hosted in Azure. Teknertia is a leader in SharePoint, having worked with it since its very beginnings, building farms, portals, and solutions. We will help to organize your content and utilize AI tools, such as SharePoint Syntex to automatically recognize content and information with the power of AI.

  Intranets and data management with SharePoint

Modern Device Management with Intune

Modern Device Management protects an organization’s resources and data that employees access from their company-owned and personally owned devices. With Intune, Teknertia can help you manage multiple devices per person and the different platforms that run on each device, including Android, iOS/iPadOS, macOS, and Windows.

  Protect your devices with modern management

Professional Services for Custom Solutions

eknertia provides consulting and project delivery for cloud, cyber security, compliance, and data solutions. We can help you find the perfect hybrid of tools and systems, so you can eliminate waste, and work within a simple, customizable IT environment.

  Complete your projects with our Professional Services

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Protect your organization, and your reputation, from cyber criminals by starting from the inside-out.

  Start Establishing Cybersecurity

Microsoft Cloud Service Provider That You Can Trust


”It’s been a truly positive experience working with the team at Teknertia. Right from the start, they worked hard to understand our business needs and expectations for the Intranet and SharePoint sites and set about ensuring they gathered the requirements accurately, then produced appropriate solutions for the users.”

June Diment, Marketing DirectorMayfair Diagnostics, Calgary, Alberta

”I feel like there is almost no comparison. I feel we have upgraded significantly on pretty much every level when it comes to file management, collaboration and security, while saving on significant hardware costs and upkeep.”

Steve Nielsen, Portfolio ManagerMilestone Wealth Management Ltd, Calgary, Alberta

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Mayfair Diagnostics case study

How Azure, SharePoint, Microsoft Defender, Safe links and Safe Attachments and other technologies provided this wealth management client with seamless, secure transition to remote work, while enhancing protection of customer data

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Find out how Teknertia Managed IT Services assist with running all remote devices, seamless information access and backing up data 

Milestone Wealth Management case study

Our values are integrity, exemplary customer service and respect for people and resources

We believe that small and medium-size businesses should have the same access to security as enterprises.

We aim for enterprises to experience smooth, effective intercommunication between people and technologies.

We make IT a contributor to the business bottom line instead of being a roadblock.

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Did You Know That...

Did you know Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive and Exchange Online are not backed up?

Part of Teknertia's Oneteam Fully Managed IT Services we backup and protect your cloud data

Explore our managed IT services

Protect your Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive and Email Data.

Automatic back ups 3 times a day with the ability to create manual backups.

Prevent Against Threats with Disaster Recovery

Quick Recovery Time to Maintain Business Continuity

Peace of Mind Knowing Your Files and Data are Secured

Learn more about our SaaS backup for Microsoft 365

Did you know mainstream support for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 ended July 13, 2021?

Protect your investment. Contact us to upgrade to SharePoint Server 2019 or migrate to Microsoft 365.

Why trust us with your upgrade or migration of SharePoint?


Expertise and Experience:

We have extensive knowledge in SharePoint Server and Microsoft 365. We have built solutions, built farms, upgraded farms, built dev/test environments, built portals.

We understand content:

By comprehending your content, we can optimize metadata, establish intuitive taxonomy, and implement effective search functionalities. Our solutions enable you to break down information silos, connect disparate content sources, and foster collaboration across teams, departments, and even geographical boundaries.

Post-Migration Support:

Count on our comprehensive support after the migration, addressing any issues, providing training, and ensuring optimal functionality of your migrated SharePoint environment.

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